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Developer Node Senior


CI&T is your end-to-end digital transformation partner. As a digital native, we bring a 25-year track record of accelerating business impact through complete and scalable digital solutions. With a global presence of more than 3,300 professionals in strategy, research, data science, design and engineering, we unlock top-line growth, improve customer experience and drive operational efficiency. 

Your mission:
We're looking for someone who loves clean code and likes to create new things, innovate, solve problems and have a continuous delivery as principle.

Develop high quality softwares, always with the security and performance mindset with full focus in activate value constantly to the customer. It's an international context with self-managed teams.

You need to know:
- Java, Javascript, NodeJS and Unit testing libraries and tools.
- Unit testing best practices, always seeking the highest possible code coverage.
- CI/CD tools and practices (SCM, Gitflow) in addition to being updated on the newest technologies, standards and practices.
- Full proficiency English to be able to communicate with the customers through Email, Tickets or remote meetings.

You will stand out if you have:
- Knowledge in Serverless frameworks, AWS, Jenkins, CloudFormation, ExpressJS, Salesforce, Integration with Payment Gateways and DevOps practices.
Fluent English is also a plus.

We're looking for people who are connected with digital transformation and also like to share and learn new technologies, contributing with the community and CI&T. Furthermore, people who have a cultural match with ours, respecting differences, working with collaboration and being a great team member.