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Software Testing Manager/Quality Manager


CI&T is your end-to-end digital transformation partner. As a digital native, we bring a 25-year track record of accelerating business impact through complete and scalable digital solutions. With a global presence of more than 4,000 professionals in strategy, research, data science, design and engineering, we unlock top-line growth, improve customer experience and drive operational efficiency. 

Location:first 6 months better to be in Ningbo, then it can be Ningbo or Shanghai
Industry: Software; Computer Science; IT related

CI&T is internally recruiting a professional in China willing to be manager of the QA team, a department headquartered in Brazil responsible for providing support for all teams in order to achieve operational and management excellence. The main activities involved in pursuing this objective are:
- Verification of the correct usage of the organizational process in software development and maintenance contracts;
- Promotion of process understanding and awareness in the software teams;
- Guiding the contract teams to understand and use metrics in order to monitor the contract performance (quality, productivity etc);
- Providing organizational visibility of the contract′s performance process and metrics) and Supporting the contract teams in improvement initiatives designed to address the identified performance gaps.

If you are someone passionate about processes, quality, the impact that structured, standardized and lean procedures have on our delivery performance and demonstration, that is for you!!

Your main responsibility will be leveraging a deep understanding of our CI&T Production System, method (Scrum) and rites and apply this knowledge to:
-Perform process assessments with delivery teams in order to elicit information about process engagement, usage, value-extraction etc.
-Support DMs and PMs on decisions related to process tailoring
-Rollout latest CPS changes and innovation/practices to all teams
-Rollout and verify performance demonstration activities and tools (scorecards)
-Perform assessments on how metrics are used by the delivery teams and how they contribute for performance improvement
-Provide visibility of current performance, identify improvements opportunities and recommend alternative options for their implementation
-Leverage continuous improvement mindset, helping our teams identify root causes for performance issues
-Follow up (continuous cycles) on the initiatives and action plans, train and coach CPS and the agile process to the delivery team. 

Skills Requirements
Important skill set:
- Willingness to learn, learn a lot!
- Audit mindset (eagle's eyes), complemented by a constructive and collaborative behaviour (no finger pointing)
- Good relationship skills, and excellent team player
- Willingness to transform and improve: are you passionate about it?
- Ability to deeply understand processes and to draw a clear picture of how the pieces fit together (sequence, time-wise, dependencies, etc.)
- Ability to ask. Yes, ask!! and keep asking until a proper consensus on the current situation at hand is achieved!! You will realize that this will make people think, reflect, and next time you will get better answers!!
-Fluent English skills

Nice to have skill set:
- Software tester background, especially if more business-oriented (good empathy with client′s needs, instinct on what and where the real problems are...)
- Good understanding of metrics/measurements practices and analysis.
- Ability to focus not only on the traditional “artifact-centric” process mindset but on the process elements which are really important and valuable to achieve excellence in a software project.