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Helping retailers bridge the physical and digital to
gain operational efficiency and increase revenue.
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CI&T works with retailers to create custom strategies and implement modern technologies to connect with consumers. Whether creating sensor-enabled in-store experiences or unlocking the power of data for smart inventory management, CI&T understands that the sales funnels are no longer linear. We help retailers engage customers, increase sales, and drive greater operational efficiencies.

Our work

Connected Retail Report: In-depth analysis of retailers shining through the pandemic

Retail Experience
The retail industry has undergone a paradigm shift over the past year. The desire for hybrid online and offline shopping experiences has led to economic challenges for many retail brands – and significant rewards for the few that get it 'right.'
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How Outdoor Retail Can Keep Momentum

Retail Experience
More consumers are discovering or rediscovering the great outdoors. Adventure retail is seeing a boom during these unique circumstances. See our latest take on the best practices that will ensure sustained success.
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CI&T’s Retail Big Three for 2021

Prior to the pandemic, consumers struggled to find value in connected retail experiences such as BOPIS and curbside pick-up.
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Transforming the Shopping Experience Through Machine Learning

Machine Learning
Whether Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or simply “just because,” buying gifts can feel like counting grains of sand - i.e., it’s not easy. Meanwhile, there are 250,ooo—300,000 e-commerce companies in the U.S. all vying for the attention of shoppers. Nevermind all of the brick and mortar shops across America.
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Creating Efficiency with Omnichannel Reports and Smart Replenishment

Data-Driven, Google Cloud
Retail stores have lots of moving parts and activities. People need real-time KPIs and metrics to have a full view of their performance.
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A Retail Solutions Provider: Driving Efficiency through Database Migration

Cloud Migration
A global retail intelligence company delivering behavior insights from 40 billion shopper visits each year, planned and updated the architecture of one of their flagship applications.
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