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The student's experience at the centre

With the purpose of 'Transforming Brazil through Education', Ânima is one of the biggest private university education organizations in Brazil with approximately 145,000 students in nine institutions.

Its challenge was to restructure the relationship model, making it student-centred, more scalable, and efficient, based on the improvement of self-services and process automation.

The good classroom experience needed to be expanded, based on unbureaucratic, intuitive, fast services in line with students' expectations.

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The first experiment of the Ânima Lean Digital Transformation Program was completed in just 3 months, with the launch of a new digital re-enrolment platform for 481 students at Una Liberdade. In 20 days, the platform gathered 40,000 students from 4 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). About 50% of the students accessed the new platform, and 25% of them confirmed re-enrolment.

Anima and CI&T people working on a design session


85% reduction in digital product launch lead time 
(from conception to its insertion in the market); 

73% reduction in re-enrolment lead time (a decrease from 30 days to 8 days), with 54% of students being automatically re-enrolled without any manual action); 

99% reduction in commercial campaign creation process lead time

59% of the students enrolled in the 2019.1 cycle came from campaigns created on the new platform; 

• Increased number of multi-disciplinary teams (SQUADs). Currently, at CI&T there are 3 dedicated SQUADs and at Ânima Educação there are 14 teams with multiple competencies; 

• Adoption of a culture guided by data, process experimentation, learning and delivery, raising the digital maturity of the organisation.