NuVasive digitizes the sales process to drive greater efficiency

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NuVasive, the largest spine-focused technology company in the world, has been a partner of CI&T since 2018. During our partnership, NuVasive brought an interesting challenge to the team:  fully digitize its Japan sales process which managed orders through a semi-manual workflow and required a great deal of time from Sales Representatives and Customer Service team members. In doing this successfully, it would enable the NuVasive Japan team to deliver better service to its customers and change more patient lives.

The Goal

We established a set of KPIs to determine how the solution could improve sales operations:

• Optimize the order process with on-demand ordering for Sales Representatives;
• Decrease order processing time for the Customer Service team;
• Increase order fulfillment accuracy; and 
• Increase the speed in which orders are delivered to customers.

The Approach

CI&T and NuVasive IT led this project with Agile cycles, allowing the teams to learn from the sales process and continue development without interrupting day-to-day operations. The Agile methodology provided a common framework that helped the project team—which spanned across Japan, the U.S., and China—to provide feedback, build trust, and foster meaningful interactions despite varying cultures and languages.

This cross-functional, multi-cultural team from CI&T and NuVasive started by better understanding the problem and mapping out the challenges they wanted to address. A critical first step in this approach was interviewing the two main user groups: Sales Representatives and Customer Service. 

These initial interviews helped us keep the users’ needs at the center of our decision-making throughout development. The result was a digital solution shaped by user needs which helped with application adoption, drove immediate value for the end-users’ roles, and could scale with NuVasive Japan’s growing business.

The Results

The result was a mobile web application that fully digitized the NuVasive Japan sales process, driving greater efficiency for both the Sales and Customer Service teams. This led to:

• Approximately 63% of orders processed in 5 minutes or less, a significant improvement compared to the prior semi-manual process;  

Approximately 30% improvement in order efficiency for Sales Representatives and Customer Service team members; and

Increase in the amount of orders processed per day as a result of the ability to register, locate products, and place orders easier and faster.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, NuVasive Japan’s digital transformation delivered a solution that improved and optimized how Sales Representatives and the Customer Services team perform their roles. 

With the success of this mobile web application, NuVasive is evaluating how this initial success can be applied to other commercial regions so it can continue to deliver greater value to its surgeons, providers, and—most importantly—patients around the world. 

About NuVasive

NuVasive, Inc. is the leader in spine technology innovation, with a mission to transform surgery, advance care, and change lives. The Company's less-invasive, procedurally integrated surgical solutions are designed to deliver reproducible and clinically proven outcomes. The Company's comprehensive procedural portfolio includes surgical access instruments, spinal implants, fixation systems, biologics, software for surgical planning, navigation and imaging solutions, magnetically adjustable implant systems for spine and orthopedics, and intraoperative neuromonitoring technology and service offerings. With more than $1 billion in net sales, NuVasive has approximately 2,700 employees and operates in more than 50 countries serving surgeons, hospitals, and patients. For more information, please visit