Innovating in Grocery


Now that consumers understand the value of digital in making grocery shopping feel safer and more convenient, it’s time to open the floodgates to a variety of technology-based updates.

Today’s consumers are seeking convenience and speed when it comes to grocery shopping. They’re not only expecting more innovation from retailers, but they’re also looking at technology and how it can help create a more seamless shopping experience.

Here you’ll learn how technology is shaping the future of grocery shopping:

  • See which retailers are piloting new approaches and what kinds of alternatives are being explored. 
  • Learn how dynamic pricing will become the focus and how leveraging real-time inventory levels, time of day, & hyper-local preferences will greatly help retailers.
  • See how grocery delivery has never been more technology-reliant with such things as smart lockers and innovative pick-up devices.
  • Find out how chat commerce may be the next way consumers shop for their groceries.
  • Learn how physical stores can be designed to support online shopping like including a feature on your website to allow for virtual queues to keep shoppers updated on how long waits will be.

And much more!