[CI&T Learnings 3] New core for a new new world: how to transform fast


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New core for a new new world: how to transform fast
We are at an unprecedented moment. In order to survive so many uncertainties, it is necessary to learn quickly and outline effective strategies to generate real impacts.

The phrase "the speed of change is the big change" has never been more on the agenda than today. This is because the transformations brought about by the digital medium - which were already fast - accelerated in a totally unexpected way. We are facing a reality based on unforeseen events that, more than ever, asks companies for the courage and the ability to learn quickly to respond quickly.
It is necessary to respond quickly: to the demands of a totally uncertain and volatile market; to the consumer who, in addition to excellent experiences, increasingly demands socially responsible attitudes; to society that needs, more than ever, support for the development of a sustainable future. And, in the midst of all this, also respond quickly to our people, who need support to learn a new way of operating, they need a clear north - however, many times, we don't have it - and, above all, they need welcoming, empathy and security.
It is time for companies to have the courage to dive into a deep reinvention and install new skills. We know that it is difficult to get rid of certainties and then redo yourself; it is difficult to renew practices and leave others aside, both at the individual and business levels. Even more difficult if this is done suddenly and without knowing exactly which way to go.
Here at CI&T we have always pursued continuous improvement as a foundation. Coming from the Lean management philosophy - which forms our base - this principle calls for movement and, therefore, transformation is part of our core. From it, we add methodologies, tools, practices and our collective intelligence to build a powerful tool box that allows us to be anti-fragile, create new knowledge quickly to act - and not just react - quickly and effectively in new and complex scenarios.
Exactly for having this experience, and this set of transformation established, we feel that it is our responsibility to share our learnings in order to help other companies and leaders who need support in the face of new needs. Thus, in this text, we open a channel to share learning, some basic guidelines and foundations elaborated and polished over our 25 years of history.

"Our purpose is to help unlock the potential of people and companies towards the best version of them, seeking to generate great business impacts for companies with speed, deliver value to consumers and society and build a better world."

Cesar Gon, CEO CI&T

Enable your company for the new new world

Our set of transformation methods is based on a solid foundation of the aforementioned Lean philosophy, articulated with Agile and Design principles. We combine strategic planning and engineering skills to this base and develop a digital transformation methodology, the Lean Digital Transformation, which enables companies to follow safe and sustainable paths of digital transformation.
The objectives and specificities of each company are safe because they are built according to reality. And sustainable because they bring tangible results that move business pointers in cycles of up to 90 days. And it is in generating these business impacts with speed that is the driving force for the digital transformation to happen in fact, and gain scale in companies.
At the center of it all, an obstinate focus on the customer, the aforementioned ability to learn fast through experimentation and the ability to change directions quickly. This capacity is supported by the PDCA model (Plan, Do, Check, Act), in tools focused on problem solving, such as A3 and the practice of Gemba, and the strategy planning and execution system based on Hoshin Kanri and its subsequent deployment with the use of OKRs . The combination of this set of methodologies with a structure of operation without silos, collaborative, multidisciplinary and divided by value stream with a strong focus on consumer needs results in agility in building high impact solutions. And that is exactly what the moment calls for.
If you are interested in further details on how to build your own set of transformation methods, access the paper below. In it, we bring together our approach to powerful methodologies and tools that have helped us and our customers to urgently embark on an effective digital transformation process and install the ability to create positive business impacts in 90-day cycles.
Now, we want to share these learnings to help you find your own ways.
Come on, it's time for urgent transformation! So, Shift The Core!