[CI&T Learnings 4] Bet on the power of collective intelligence to boost your business


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What will generate positive results on a scale and guarantee the success of your company in this new new world is the potential of its people to experiment and innovate with agility.

"The more technology gives us tools to change the world, the more the human factor matters. It is the human potential as a transforming agent, to drive evolution, that moves us beyond the results that technologies alone would not be able to generate."

Cesar Gon, CEO of CI&T

The sharing of knowledge, the profusion of ideas, the combination of diverse worldviews, the freedom to express opinions, create and co-create are the roots of one of the greatest assets of companies: collective intelligence. It is what allows experimentation with speed, the flexibility to change directions quickly and to innovate. Especially in uncertain and complex times, it is this capacity that will take companies forward, despite the obstacles and challenges that were imposed unexpectedly along the way.
More than ever, there is an urgent need to establish operating models in which collaboration, multidisciplinarity and autonomy are foundations. Horizontal hierarchical structures, divided by teams (or squads) that bring together professionals from the most diverse areas around a value stream and in order to meet the needs of customers is the key for your company to be truly digital and capable of generating impacts scale for customers, businesses and society.

How to establish teams capable of creating the new

In our view, teams capable of making the most of their collective potential are those that are constantly stimulated to learn, to value individual capacity and that have constant experimentation as a cornerstone.
You may think that collaboration already exists in your company - after all, there are already established squads - but you still don't see this wealth of knowledge or this agility being generated and resulting in major impacts on the business. Or, if you have a more traditional operating model, you believe that this reality is far from possible in your context. In both cases, there is a need to look at the problem more deeply.
If yours is the first case, there are probably obstacles between teams - or even within them - that do not allow the flow of collective intelligence. Often, due to managerial difficulties or the lack of adequate methodologies, the squads end up isolated, disconnected from the rest of the operation and other teams and the information ends up being intramural. It is like reproducing the format of silos, each one taking care of his/her project, responsible for an offer. Without exchanging information and knowledge, they end up breaking the consumer's journey and delivering experiences that leave something to be desired. In addition to losing customer satisfaction, they lose good insights and waste the intelligence that could be generated with integrated data, creating valuable opportunities.
If the problem is a more traditional operating model, there is no escape from the need to become increasingly digital to achieve the agility that the market requires. And it is fully possible to transform gradually in a safe and sustainable manner to bring speed of response to the customer and capacity for innovation, respecting the context, reality and objectives of each company.
In both cases - and in whatever scenario - the path that we consider the safest and most appropriate is the realization of a digital transformation, dividing the operation, little by little, by teams responsible for solving the main pains of the business. In order to guarantee the sustainability of the process and the advancement of the profound changes that are necessary in the culture and structure of the companies, the teams must be guided by generating impact for customers and the business every 90 days. Only with important results on the way, it will be possible to move forward without losing your breath and achieve a new operation, truly digital.

Our learnings supporting your company

These lessons have helped us to consolidate our own digital transformation model, the Lean Digital. Formed by an articulation between a strong foundation in Lean management philosophy and principles of Agile and Design methodologies, it starts from the premise that it is experiences, behaviors that change thoughts and forge a new culture.
Thus, the work practices in squads, using our principles and rites with a focus on experimentation, on the development of creativity, in constant learning and collaborative construction of the best solutions for the client, little by little, internalize the digital mindset in each person and teams in an organic way.

"Investing in a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, the company creates solid foundations to achieve exponential growth in the market."

Jeancarlo Cerasoli, CI&T Senior Experience Manager (UX)

We have gathered some of our learnings that can help you in this process of installing an operation with truly collaborative, autonomous, effective teams capable of generating great business impacts with speed. If you are interested in knowing more, access our paper here.
With this paper, we hope to help you and your company in its transformation process with gains in scale agility.
Come on, it's time to change! If you want to know these and other learnings, access our CI&T Learnings platform!