The Top 3 Popular Articles of 2020

Digital Transformation


When we look back on 2020, the first thing that comes to mind is how our life changed in a completely unexpected scenario. It is no exaggeration to say that this has accelerated the digitalization of Japan and the rest of the world, even though the situation is still challenging today. Many companies are looking to increase their online revenues by accelerating the digitization of the customer experience. Our work style has also changed dramatically. As “remote working” being a new normal, we have more choices on our job or lifestyles.
This year has been a great reminder of how important it is for companies is to be antifragile: to make quick improvements and decisions in a time when customers' needs change so quickly. With that in mind, here are the top three most-read articles on the CI&T website in 2020, which helps you to implement Agile mindset and promote the real DX to your company!

1. Lean Agile and becoming an effective leader

What is the difference between the two transformation models, "Lean" and "Agile"? How can leaders adapt to these models of change?

2. Adhocracy
The management model capable of accelerating companies

'Ad-hocracy' is one of the keys to drive organizations to agile. Find how it maximizes team’s results and motivation!

3. Learn by doing to generate impact with agility

The best ideas may be outdated in a year. The secret is not to spend more time planning, but to use more time to learn and improve.

Just by looking at the titles, we clearly see that the people’s interests are going for the real transformation and CI&T is always here to support you and your company’s change.
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