Lean Digital Transformation

6 Reasons Companies Struggle with Digital Transformation

Do you know what you really need for the real Digital Transformation?

In our e-book “Lean Digital Transformation: 6 Main Reasons Companies Struggle” we answer the most common questions and also share our main pillars, tools and solutions to accelerate your Digital Transformation.

Here, you'll find:

  • Three main points to bring problems for companies to struggle with Digital Transformation
    • Business Impact
    • Process / Technology
    • People
  • "Lean-Agile" processes support companies' Agile shift
  • CI&T's main services (Digital Transformation & Agile shift, partner of your transformation journey)

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Want to read more about each topic?

We prepared three articles focused on Business Impact, Process & Technology and People with several comments of our experienced professionals.
1. Business Impact

Business impacts should always considered first in any Digital Transformation projects. Learn how to set clear goals to reach the real transformation in your company!

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2. Process & Technology

Agile can only run in startups/small companies? How can we break silos between teams? We have tips for you to scale your transformation.

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3. People

Any transformation starts with people. See how a new perspective about leadership and error can improve people’s growth and consequently the company’s growth.

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