CI&T at Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2021 (RSGT)!
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Regional Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2021, one of the Regional Scrum Gatherings, an event where Scrum practitioners from around the world share their experiences and thoughts, took place on January 6 - 8th.

And what's more, Arissa Nakamura, Scrum Master of CI&T, won a session at the event for her wonderful proposal! After four years at CI&T and a year and a half as a Scrum Master, this was her third time speaking at such events. Her session was titled as "Planning meetings are the laboratory! The daily trials of a Scrum Master supported by her team and customers". During the planning of an agile development project, we had broken down the requirements into smaller tasks and estimated them in hours, but she suggested estimating them in days rather than hours. She talked about her own experience of how she is constantly improving to build better relationships with her clients and the team that always supports her. Her attitude illustrates how CI&T works with customers as a company very well. 

"Innovation is always exciting and scary at the same time, but we should be open to changes when the usual process is no longer leading the team to the best results.

The idea of changing the tasks estimations started with teams in the CI&T Brazil (our HQ). They were so happy about the results the change brought, so when I asked help to try the same in Japan, they offered a lot of support. Without all these people (Brazil team, my team and the client) this experiment would never be possible.

It is exciting to know how Scrum Masters around the world found solutions for the challenges we had in 2020.I hope we can be together again in RSGT 2022!"

Arissa Nakamura, Scrum Master at CI&T Japan

Arissa’s session at RSGT2021

Fast improvements because we are Lean & Agile

CI&T adopts Lean-Agile as its development methodology which is a combination of Toyota's Lean Method and Agile development processes. And what we value here is the ability to try, learn, improve, and make an impact. We run this cycle very quickly within 90 days.

It is also because of agile methodology that we were able to make these improvements in the middle of the project. Unlike traditional waterfall development methods where everything is planned at once at the beginning of the project, we use a scrum approach where we plan to establish the tasks for the next two weeks, so we can change our approach and adjust the direction of the project midway through. This allowed Arissa and her team to improve the planning during the project. 

Another great point of agile development is the ability to release a platform or any digital products in an MVP (minimum viable product) state, before all development tasks have been completed, so that the project can proceed with actual user feedback.

"It is important to have continuous Improvement and an environment where we can experiment and improve fast.

If the experiment fails, we learn how to improve from the failure fast. If it succeeds, we have a huge improvement step on our operation, on client business, and on our team engagement.

This story, told perfectly and orchestrated by Arissa in the team, is one of those experiments that successfully brought more value to the client and to the team, creating the real transformation.

Moving fast, transforming our environment, bringing business impact to our clients is what moves me and makes me feel more and more engaged to lead the Transformation journey."

Rose Hashinaga, Operation Manager at CI&T Japan

Get your business impact quickly with Lean-Agile

CI&T has provided solutions to a number of global companies. One example is Astellas Pharma's project to build a global platform.

We began working with Astellas to develop and deliver a global website that would provide timely, secure and stable disclosure of important corporate information, regardless of region or language, and strengthen web governance. CI&T's lean and agile development methodology led the project through UX and UI design, development and testing in just five months. The project was completed in about 5 months, and involved revamping and adding about 50 local sites in different countries.

If you want to see more examples of how CI&T has impacted our clients globally, check out here.

"The first step to a good relationship in any situation in our life is to build a foundation of trust. In our case with the client, what helps a lot is the transparency based on our process, and this becomes a fundamental piece for building this basis of trust.

When we stop saying what is right or wrong, but risk moving step by step with the client, we stop having a client-supplier relationship and become a single team."

Ingrid Tsukahara, Quality Manager at CI&T Japan

Lastly, CI&T truly believes that digital products with Lean-Agile methodology is one of the strong tools but methodology by itself cannot give your business enough impact. It is important to have leadership with the right mindset and the clear goals, and we can help you with finding and implementing them all! We will continue to support clients' digital transformation journey as a growing partner, guiding them to success with innovative solutions.

Make Their Tomorrow, CI&T