Collision Conference:
CI&T Masterclasses

Referred to as the “fastest-growing tech conference” and the “Olympics of Tech”, Collision Conference joins 38,000+ attendees and 1,200+ startups from around the world. Topics covered included rapidly developing industries and technologies and feature some of the most renowned speakers in each industry. CI&T sponsors Collision for a third year with two masterclasses led by our very own, Melissa Minkow, Retail Industry Lead, and Young Pham, Chief Strategy Officer.

Masterclass: Looking Abroad to Look Ahead in Retail

The diversity of retail efforts globally serves as a crystal ball. With impressive innovations taking place around the world, a few key considerations will help predict what adjustments need to be made for US adoption.


Melissa Minkow

Retail Industry Lead
at CI&T

Rosie Bailey

Founder of Nibble

Maurício Bastos Turquenitch

Chief Digital Officer at Arezzo&Co

Andrea Guthrie

Founder of Gyde and Seek

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Masterclass: Marrying business & IT to achieve a data-driven culture

Avoid miscommunication between business operations and IT by building a collaborative, data-driven culture with shared ownership. Learn how to create better data outcomes for your organization.


Young Pham

Chief Strategy Officer
at CI&T

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