CI&T as a Great Place to Work: increasingly digital, increasingly human

Oct 01, 2020 | min read


With a constant focus on people, we are among the best to work in the different countries where we operate.

Since our founding 25 years ago, we have maintained a pattern of doubling in size every three years. A great challenge, no doubt, but always guided by a certainty: the company's greatest value is our people. And that certainty, this guiding principle of our culture, was the basis of each step of transformation of what CI&T is today.

Initially, what was a consistent factory of high quality software with structured processes and practices and a rigorous and effective discipline has become a company that assumed its entirely digital identity based on collaboration, experimentation, the dynamic construction of collective intelligence and antifragility.  

"The more technology is the protagonist, the more the human dimension matters. Technology does not innovate - at least, not yet. It's the people who do it. Technology is not disruptive, people are. So my advice for leaders is: put a lot of effort into developing your soft skills, such as empathy, collaboration, co-creation and a sense of how to engage your team members and team members and how to translate the company's strategy into a greater purpose. "

Cesar Gon, CEO CI&T

Since the inception of CI&T, its focus has always been on its employees and partnerships and constant learning in search of becoming better each day for our people and, consequently, for our customers. And this focus has materialized in our offices around the world, in our environments, spaces and also in our people, who build relationships based on respect, knowledge exchange and collaborative, multi-disciplinary work.

This is reflected in more than a decade of being included in the Great Place to Work (GPTW) rankings around the world, with increasingly better results. In Brazil, the birthplace of CI&T, this year we marked 14 years in a row among the 150 Best Companies in Brazil, considering the large, multi-national and large categories.

In 2020, despite all the challenges imposed by the pandemic, our quick and careful actions to keep our people safe, active, satisfied and motivated certainly contributed to us being in the 20th position in the category of large companies in the country (1000+ people). In 2019, placed in the 21st spot. And we are the only technology company in Brazil to remain in the ranking for so many years, a historic achievement that we are very proud of.


In the United States, we are also certified by GPTW with 92% of our employees classifying the experience of working together as great, while the average of companies in the country is to receive 59% of the votes of their people. 

GPTW na Ásia

Our headquarters in Asia, China and Japan, on the other hand, won 11th place in the 2020 GPTW ranking. The survey was included  2.2 million professionals from hundreds of companies in eight countries in the Asia region where Great Place to Work is represented. The highest values pointed out in the companies on the list are the balance in work relations and deeply human connections with colleagues and leaders. 

“It is an absolute honor to be presented as the Best Workplace in Asia, as the well-being, job satisfaction and general professional motivation of our people are directly linked to the success of our company. One of our highest priorities is to create a work environment that encourages our employees to go beyond innovative thinking at every step. As a global company, our main objective is to maintain values that are not only shared between cultures, but that can be adopted and transformed on a regional scale.”

Felipe Rubim, CI&T VP Asia Pacific and Japan

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge that organizations face worldwide, and it values the fact that it is a highly trusted culture that prioritizes people. We honor the companies that have won positions in our ranking of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia because they will outperform their competitors, and we hope that this inspires more companies to become an excellent workplace for everyone. ”

Michael C. Bush, Global CEO of Great Place to Work

In any geography, the achievement of certification and space in the GPTW ranking is very rewarding for us. It is the realization that we are on the right path to achieve our purpose of boosting people's potential and always evolving in search of an increasingly better work environment that motivates, teaches, challenges, has fun and, above all, inspires.

"The path must be to create connections with your people, build relationships of trust and encourage each one to reach their full potential and evolve in their careers."

Aline Limão, Employer Branding Manager at CI&T