A brand is an organic system

We bring it to life every day, shaping our creativity into a structure that gives us consistency and flexibility across multiple channels worldwide.

The way we introduce ourselves needs to reflect what is important to us

terra girando

A world yet to be created, together

We use white spaces in our visual identity to highlight the power of creation and collaboration. The blank is the necessary breath to foster creativity.

Movement is a huge part of it

We are diverse and dynamic and our design has those elements in its DNA. With organic forms we show our constant transformation.

How we speak is also part of our identity

People icon

We are human

We are professional but not too formal or corporate. We have genuine, natural conversations, not forced ones.

Balloon conversation icon

We are plain-spoken

We are connecting with real people. We want to give them a genuine alternative with less jargon and acronyms.

Check icon

We are credible

In our communications we are factual, we have a basis in what we speak and consistent social proof.

Voice & Tone

Consistency and flexibility

Our voice is consistent, our pillars above shows our identity. Our tone is an emotional element and it depends on the situation. We are more serious or relaxed when it is necessary. All of this ensures that we are recognized even in a small piece of text.


This Brand Platform is a system to support your work on the message you want to convey, knowing that a strong design makes us strong globally as well.

All of CI&T's brand features are proprietary. If you opt to use any element here, you acknowledge your acceptance of the terms in the brand guidelines.

Brand Index

Our logo

Instantly recognizable as possible in all sizes and in all contexts.
CI&T logo

Primary version

Use the two-color logo as the primary version on white, grey and black backgrounds and on plain backgrounds that do not compete with the logo colors.

CI&T logo

Black or white version

For visually complex backgrounds, such as photos or images with many colors, use the black and white version of the logo for better visibility. The black or white logo must only be used on black or white.

Make Their Tomorrow

Our mission is to make a better tomorrow, impact lives and unlock dreams. Our tagline: “Make Their Tomorrow” represents our thinking and values.

"Make Their Tomorrow" can be used for digital and printed assets.. Feel free to use this in your email signatures and presentations.

Know more about our brand purpose.


We use White as an open space for creating. In turn, The Future Red is used as the main color, a powerful and impacting choice to represent ourselves and be easily recognized. 

The New Aqua is used to highlight certain things, creating a beautiful combination with Future Red. 

Finally, we now have the Global Black to reinforce our movement as a global brand, it is elegant and contrasting 

Tip: copy the specific HEX code and use it on your online assets to have the exact brand color tones.

Lean White

RGB: 255 255 255
CMYK: 0 0 0 0

Global Black

HEX: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 100 100 100 100

Future Red

HEX: #ED1941
RGB: 237 25 65
CMYK: 0 100 75 0

New Aqua

HEX: #20BEC6
RGB: 32 190 198
CMYK: 70 0 25 0

Complementary colors

We now have complementary colors, designated for presentations, products, graphs and illustrations that require variations of tone and opacity, which allows us to be more functional, flexible and dynamic.


















Poppins Font Animation

Poppins is our official font. This sans serif geometric typography is simple and clear, flexible and versatile, just like CI&T.

We also have two secondary fonts for Japan and China. These fonts will be used for specific needs in these countries and in conjunction with Poppins.

If you don't have them on your computer, download and install them from the links below. If you are having trouble, contact IT.


Our icons are flat, simple, bold, usually used in black or white, and the colors of our color pallette.

CI&T icons


With a people-first approach, we prioritize the human factor in our communications, and whenever possible our own people.

The CI&T Image Gallery is a digital photo archive — accessible to internal audiences for use in presentations and other assets. 

Fast Facts

Introduce CI&T at a glance.
Animation of a macbook mockup with slides on the screen

CI&T Fast Facts is a group of slides that can be commonly found in our upfront slides which introduce CI&T at a glance. 

Its purpose is to help create a standard of the most commonly used slides using the most up-to-date information. Feel free to grab the slides that you need for your presentation when it is appropriate.

Presentation Templates

Official Presentation Template

This is our official presentation template.

Co-Branding Presentation Template

This is our presentation template for co-branded presentations (with clients, with partners, etc.).

Email Signature

Our email signature is our online business card. We've created a signature generator to ensure consistency in all of our email signatures.

To change your signature in Gmail:

1. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner, 
then select Settings.
2. Select and copy the official version from the generator.
3. Paste the official signature in the box at the bottom of the page next to the Signature option.
4. Save Changes.

Communication Templates

Internal Templates

A3 Poster Templates

Corporate TV Templates

Workplace Templates

Letterhead Template

Wallpapers & Cover Images




Online Meetings

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