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CI&T assists Commonwealth Financial Network: Building the next generation financial consulting platform

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Offer a brand new digital platform to help financial advisors easily create and maintain websites. Improve mobile usability, flexibility and ease of use.


CI&T teamed up with Acquia to build an entirely new digital platform for Commonwealth with the help of Acquia's factory cloud site tools. Thanks to this platform, more than 800 financial consultants will have a dedicated website portal with a good user experience and intuitive interface.


• Online time: time to develop a new website has been reduced by 50%
• Show effect: best ranking from organic search
• Project scale: 750 sites were migrated to the new platform
• Subsequent optimizations: with a small team of 5 people you can provide support for 1,900 consultants


The Commonwealth Financial Network (hereinafter referred to as Commonwealth) is the largest independent private equity broker in the United States, providing industry-leading financial tools and resources to more than 1,650 independent financial advisors in the United States to help them cope with the environment and rapid market changes. Among the various financial tools and services provided by Commonwealth, personalized websites play a vital role in the daily lives of consultants, it is its most important external channel of communication and marketing. Based on feedback from financial advisors and its own quest for the high performance of intuitive and efficient products, Commonwealth decided to modify and update the website building platform provided for financial advisers.


The main objective of the update is to design and develop a more powerful, new and revised digital platform. In the pursuit of excellence, Commonwealth knew that it needed a new platform that is easy to use, flexible and superior in performance, so that in the end, each financial advisor could edit their own website as if they were going to edit a Word document. Commonwealth also required that the website built on the new platform is compatible with mobile devices and is highly customizable to help consultants show what sets their brand apart from others. 

In addition, the website created through this platform must also have search engines that are friendly, easy to maintain and convenient for financial advisors to promote their small businesses through SEO.

Why choose CI&T

Commonwealth chose CI&T as its partners for the project’s development, not only because of their deep professional knowledge and rich development experience, but also because the two parties coincide in ideas about promoting a culture of technological innovation.

Given the difficult time frame for development for the project, CI&T innovatively enabled the Acquia Cloud Site Factory tool based in Drupal, through the API expansion interface, which made several functions available almost immediately. In the end, the project cycle was successfully reduced. 

Upon completion of the project, the newly revised digital platform achieved a more modern and powerful structural design and is more friendly to mobile terminals. Now, just a few manual configurations or maintenance operations are enough to quickly build new sites, update site functions and UI interfaces.


After the launch of the new platform, Commonwealth saw many improvements over the old platform, which helped them move forward on the road to achieving strategic goals.  Commonwealth's feedback on the new platform includes:

• Improved user experience: the enhanced functions reduced the time to develop a new website by 50%.
• More data analysis: Mobile-friendly sites perform better in organic search results.
• At the end of 2016, all 750 sites were gradually migrated to the new platform.
• With the help of self-service, a support team of just 5 people will be able to carry out the construction and maintenance of the site for 1,900 financial consultants and internal employees.