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CI&T helps AOKI in launch suitsbox, wardrobes in the cloud

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Build a new cloud-based e-commerce platform to provide monthly clothing rentals for young executives in Japan, allowing them to rent complete sets of clothing for daily work and special occasions at a lower price than the market.


After the verification of requirements, design, development and launch, CI&T relied on the Magento platform to create an end-to-end male suits signature platform for AOKI. The solution integrated Stripe, Salesforce and Amazon Connect technologies.


Suitsbox was officially launched in April 2018 and is the first monthly subscription cloud wardrobe in the suits business. For young entrepreneurs and Generation Y customers, the suitsbox not only brings elegance and professionalism, but it also saves them time and money.

Project Background

AOKI is a leading retail chain in Japan, known for its high-quality, modern business suits. With a chain of stores across the country and a vertical sales system, AOKI has launched a large number of executive clothing and accessories for the Japanese market, covering a wide range of preferences and needs for young office workers. With the explosive growth in the subscription rental market, and changing consumer habits due to the shared economy, AOKI has captured a new business opportunity: developing and operating a clothing rental platform to provide monthly clothing rental services for young executives in Japan.

Faced with such challenges, AOKI  contacted CI&T to understand whether their  Lean Digital method could generate the productivity and collaboration necessary to make this business idea a reality. With strong end-to-end delivery capabilities, after the initial consultation, CI&T was quickly selected  to be AOKI’s design and technology partnership.

Why choose Magento

AOKI plans to launch the cloud-based platform by the end of April 2018. Before the project started, AOKI evaluated the compatibility of several platforms. In order to ensure that the solution can go online in a in a short amount of time, CI&T chose Magento Commerce Cloud as the key platform for this solution, its various out-of-the-box features were crucial to the success of this project.

Among them, Magento's standard order, product and customer management functions and the back-end interface allowed the CI&T team to quickly implement basic e-commerce functions, and thus can focus on other advanced features required by the custom suitbox platform. In addition, the Magento extension ecosystem is extremely important for project optimization, especially in the integration and localization phases. All of the above reflect the maturity of Magento in the Japanese market.

The implemented solution

In the initial stage of the project, CI&T, together with the AOKI team, carried out an intense detailed discovery phase  through design workshops and user research (including crowdfunding market verification). Then, the CI&T team adopted a method that prioritized mobile devices to carry out the user experience and the user interface design, and finally, the project is delivered through a Lean and Agile process.

A platform developed entirely based on Magento, which  fit AOKI's needs for integration with Stripe, Salesforce and Amazon Connect. Among them, the integration of the Stripe payment API brings crucial payment security and powerful subscription management functions. It helped  perfectly connect the user experience and increased the possibility for customers to keep their subscription.

As the project progressed, AOKI became increasingly aware of the importance of CI&T's Lean Digital method for the project's success. By applying Agile development methods and Lean principles, CI&T successfully released high-quality code in just 4 months (which included code writing all the way to user testing). After that, AOKI was able to start testing it in the market.


Based on agile methods and project management practices, we helped guide and collaborate with AOKI, focusing on user stories and roles that can create value to the business. Through the use of Scrum twice a week, we gradually developed a mobile user interface and background functions. 

Suitsbox was officially launched in April 2018. The platform offers full-size suits, shirts, pants and ties, and 3 different subscription packages. Among them, renting an economy package containing a suit, shirt and tie costs 7,800 yen a month; renting a "standard +" package which included three suits, five shirts and three ties costs 24,800 yen a month. By paying an additional 5,000 yen, customers can enjoy unlimited usage and exchange services during the month. The rental price above includes delivery, dry cleaning and ironing costs.


The results of the project once again proved that CI&T's Lean and Agile processes’ effectiveness . Every two weeks the AOKI team will be able to cooperate to carry out a test of the mobile site in the iteration, making this innovative business idea a reality.

"We are very happy with the partnership with CI&T and Magento to launch this innovative cloud wardrobe by monthly subscription in the suits market. For young entrepreneurs and Generation Y customers, the suit package not only makes them stylish and professional, but also saves them time and money.