Go Beyond Adoption: Understanding ROI with Business Value Insights (BVI)

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Getting to know G Suite users on a deeper level

Metrics are key with BVI and ensuring that calculating this data is accurate is crucial. The CI&T Team initially inspected the original code, as well as, its deployment guide to plan for the appropriate improvement. They were able to improve metrics calculations and create a more efficient way to gather the data of GSuite usage reducing the amount of allocated resources inside the Google Cloud Platform, reducing execution time and the cost of the service.

It provides deep and actionable insights that give users the chance to see trends in usage in order to create a plan for better achieving business goals. With BVI, users can maximize ROI for G Suite by understanding metrics that matter, down to the user level.

Google’s original solution only delivered data based on its G Suite Business product. The new edition of BVI created by the team allows for tracking G Suite Enterprise in which data is automatically exported from G Suite to BigQuery, whereas the preceding tool called for API requests that then needed to be inputted in BigQuery.

More than just access to data
It started with assessing the current solution which provided simple dashboards through Google Data Studio. It had its limitations such as restricted product adoption data, limited collaboration data, admin access, etc. The team set out to create a better experience by providing more insights and by creating better dashboards, reports, and visualizations.
In order to design a better UI, the team had to first determine the key information and metrics that made the most sense and be able to showcase it in the best possible way. The Data Studio design was completely overhauled to create a cleaner look and easier to read structure in order to make the data more useful by making it easier to work with, visually compelling, and interactive.

BVI in Beta

BVI recently launched in beta. Some enhancements include:
• An alternative solution to BigQuery exports
• A new updated UI and layout
• Added metrics and charts for Hangouts Meets & G+
• Ability to upload a CSV file of users to create to be able to report on up to 3 segments
• Error logging page to track processing errors
• GCP costs page to track the cost of the solution

G Suite ROI

Cloud computing has revolutionized the workplace, improving collaboration and communication across time zones and locations. Tools that allow teams to share ideas with a few keystrokes, join meetings remotely, and be able to collaborate in real time are helping organizations be more innovative and engage more readily with customers. Cloud-based solutions make this possible by alleviating the challenges and inefficiencies of legacy systems.

G Suite is one of these solutions.  It enables an organization to have a more collaborative culture, increase its efficiency, and reduce the dependency on location or device. With these benefits, it’s quite easy to understand how G Suite can impact day-to-day work, though it’s more difficult to translate its results in monetary value.

With more and more businesses using G Suite, understanding how customers are using the product is crucial to assessing its ROI in order to make investment-related decisions.

Business Value Insights (BVI)

The CI&T and Google teams joined together to enhance the Business Value Insights (BVI) solution. The BVI allows users to present data on adoption, collaboration and impact for G Suite products (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, etc.) with useful insights-- on how G Suite affects business goals and how resellers may be able to better sell G Suite products.
BVI measures several G Suite implementation metrics:

1. Adoption - analyze usage and adoption trends based on segments
2. Collaboration - how engaged users are with each other using G Suite
3. Impact - understand user sentiments

Original Google BVI Dashboard
Original Google BVI Dashboard
Redesigned Google Business Value Insights Dashboard
Redesigned Google Business Value Insights Dashboard