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MotoMaker creates a customized experience for users to design their device their own way

Launched in 2013, the Moto Maker Program was designed to strengthen customer relationships by allowing them to customize their own devices (smartphones and smartwatches).
CI&T began working on this project in 2015 with  the goal of developing a mobile-first platform that unified content and e-commerce using a Drupal-based solution integrated with Demandware.

The CI&T team approached the project from two angles—part of the team continued to evolve the Moto Maker while working to expand the product portfolio. On another front, the team oversaw the complete migration of Moto Maker's e-commerce platform to an open source solution-based microservices.
The Moto Maker program resulted not only in sales growth, but it was able to provide an enhanced  omnichannel experience for users.

Motorola Motomaker on a computer