Transforming Vivo's B2B Experience
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The B2B telecommunications services company is highly competitive. And this is why it was even more important in choosing a partner to help deliver excellent services to its customers. 


Applying Lean principles and co-creation techniques, we brought together senior executive leadership to jointly identify points for improvement. After 2 weeks, we were able to determine  the customer's journey and identify what actually creates value for Vivo’s customers.  

We prioritized below as the initial objectives: 

• Develop a new platform called “We Care” 

• Improve customer experience by 10x, making the experience easier, more agile, and more reliable  

Minimize user pain points and maximize current platform usage


50% growth in logins of the B2B subscriber service system;  

70% increase in loading system pages – barriers that previously prevented the perception of value in corporate customer service;  

• It is estimated there will be a savings of R$ 8 million with the new system in the next 12 months;

• Huge impact not only in the financial sphere, but in the internal culture of the operator;

A strategy based on data will allow Vivo to offer new products and monitor the behavior of its more than 300,000 corporate customers, delivering even more consistent experiences.