Connected Retail Report: In-depth analysis of retailers shining through the pandemic

Get our latest research and best practices for merging online and offline retail experiences

The retail industry has undergone a paradigm shift over the past year. The desire for hybrid online and offline shopping experiences has led to economic challenges for many retail brands – and significant rewards for the few that get it 'right.' So what's the best way forward as we look to a post-pandemic world?

Our new Connected Retail Report captures insights on the current and future state of retail, starting with a survey of the purchasing habits and expectations of 530 diverse consumers across the U.S.

These insights informed a detailed assessment and scoring of the retail experience for 10 leading brands across seven essential criteria: overall experience, search, shop, cart, buy, fulfillment and returns.

The report details our findings across several key areas:

  • An analysis of pandemic-related consumer purchase behaviors and expectations.
  • Extensive evaluations of the connected shopping experiences of major retail brands.
  • Recommendations for retailers to improve their shopping customer experience to meet – and exceed – customer expectations going forward.