6 Principles for Rethinking DevOps
A new approach to putting the customer first

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6 Principles for Rethinking DevOps

Speed and innovation are crucial to success in today’s business environment. But how can organizations capitalize on the ever-changing wants and needs of their customers while rapidly innovating?
That’s where DevOps comes in. Implementing a thoughtful DevOps strategy can enable competitive differentiation so that you can take advantage of these rapid changes, while gradually phasing out factors that stifle speed and innovation. 
Our newest paper, 6 Principles for Rethinking DevOps, reframes the DevOps discussion, outlining how the right mix of customer-centric principles when thoughtfully implemented – can help your company evolve and deliver continuous growth for years to come.
In this paper, you’ll learn how:
• DevOps successfully transforms organizations, driving hypothesis-driven innovations, and competitive differentiation
• Applying the right mix of customer-centric and business value principles can help your company evolve, adapt, and deliver bottom-line growth
• Implementing DevOps can lead to a new value-creation model—one that gradually renders old models obsolete
Download the paper and learn how to implement time-tested principles to overcome resistance, educate stakeholders, and maximize the transformative power of DevOps.