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Relying on Retail for Holiday Cheer


70% of US shoppers are open to buying from new retailers

*Think with Google. Be ready for 5 shifts in shopping behavior this holiday season.

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With 2020 having its fair share of uncertainties and surprises, many are wondering what this means for the industry's most lucrative season.

A delayed Amazon Prime Day combined with COVID-induced delays from all supply chain angles have meant an earlier than ever holiday shopping season. This year, though, shoppers have welcomed the cheer with open arms during a heavy 2020 that has felt like a decade blurred together. 

While we were trending more and more towards an economy driven by instant gratification, consistent messaging from retailers, plus the logistical challenges of the election have helped encourage shoppers to get planful and ahead on their gifting. 

In this article you will:

• Learn how transparent communication can build more trust and credibility.
• See how a strategy that delivers on both online and offline can emotionally connect with consumers.
• Get to know more ways to make your online presence more engaging with customization, creative merchandising, trial techniques, etc.
• Learn how your return process can help differentiate your brand