Driving Growth and Balancing Risk in Digital Banking Today
CI&T on demand Webinar
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Chris Skinner

Maria Teresa Tejada

Robin Borelli

Driving Growth and Balancing Risk in Digital Banking Today

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the critical digital challenges – and growth opportunities – facing today's banking industry with best-selling author and commentator Chris Skinner and global financial services and risk management expert Maria Teresa Tejada.
The discussion focuses on the 'new' digital distribution model for banking, which puts the power in the customer's hands, versus outdated thinking and risk aversion inherent in the 'old' physical model when banks were in control.

CI&T's Head of Financial Services, Robin Borelli moderated the 45-minute session.

View webinar highlights below

Innovation during the pandemic

How banks & fintechs are operating and innovating during the pandemic

The Great Unlock

What happens when the world opens back up? What should banks anticipate and how should they prepare?


Balancing innovation and risk

Innovation across the organization

Embracing innovation across an organization


Open banking and neobanks - a global perspective and parting thoughts