How smart agents will change banking experiences

In this recorded webinar, Peter Wannemacher Sr. Analyst at Forrester is welcomed by Lucas Persona, Chief Digital Evangelist CI&T and Thelton McMillian, CEO, Comrade to discuss how, when and why smart agents will change how people interact with banks.


Peter Wannemacher

Sr. Analyst at Forrester

Lucas Persona

Chief Digital Evangelist, CI&T

Thelton McMillian

CEO, Comrade


Smart agents have the potential to connect the dots by combining context and data to anticipate and solve problems for customers. These emerging capabilities offer the potential to deliver high-touch banking through voice and text across mobile, web, ATM, in your car or at home. While it’s exciting to imagine an agent that could proactively answer a customer’s question, “Am I going to be ok?” at the first sign of identity theft (and list the measures the bank has already taken on the customer’s behalf), is this scenario feasible? Would it deliver an ROI to the bank? What are the risks to bankers who aren’t already thinking through these questions?

Key takeaways

• Understand the transformative potential of smart agents.

• Discover which use cases make the most sense for this new capability.

• Hear experts in financial services, customer experience and cognitive computing discuss when to invest, what changes are required for success, and where banks can start.

Watch the webinar