CI&T Machine Learning Engineer, Mikaeri Ohana, Receives Google Developer Expert Recognition in Machine Learning



Behind all the technology, we have great people boosting it's potential. As our Machine Learning Engineer, Mikaeri Ohana, now officially recognized as part of a select group of Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning. 
The Google Developer Experts Program recognizes individuals with exceptional skill and are thought leaders in one or more Google technologies. These professionals actively contribute to, and support, the developer and startup ecosystems around the world, through speaking at events, writing technical content, providing training and open source contributions. Currently, there are 700 GDEs in Machine Learning around the world.

“Being the second Brazilian woman to achieve the title of Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning and one of 700 global GDEs is both an honor and  great responsibility. This recognition continues to motivate me to leverage Brazilian technology globally.

With this recognition, I can continue my mission of impacting the world through technology. I’m driven by sharing knowledge through lectures, courses, articles and videos, and for me, the real reward is seeing how my experiences can impact the careers of my peers.”

Mikaeri Ohana, Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist

In 2019, along with satisfying the eligibility criteria, individuals must be nominated by a current Google Developer Expert and only then does the application process start. Following nomination, there are eligibility checks, community interviews, and product interviews.
Mikaeri, joining Lead Data Scientist, Gabriel Moreira, continues to strengthen our technology competences so we can provide the best solutions to our clients.