CI&T Opens New Creative Space in Princeton, NJ



CI&T is a special kind of company. Personally, as Sr Employer Brand Manager, I've been with CI&T since 2002, having joined in a technical capacity, later transitioning to the People Area and last year moved with my family to be closer to CI&T's teams here in the Northeast.
Over time, CI&T has grown to be a leading global digital solutions company with more than 2,500 collaborators around the world. One of the unique aspects of CI&T's culture is that our teams and people are strategically distributed to be in close proximity to our customers. And we all lead a “digital life”, taking calls and working remotely, as well as coming together for Design Sprints or Lean A3 planning sessions in our shared workspaces.

Since relocating to the US, we have been working on opening a new creative space for our CI&T teams in Princeton. We decided to host a “Bring your daughters and sons to work day” on the office opening because we really believe in the importance of work/life balance, family, and community.
It was really special to have my kids at work with me. They spent most of the time enjoying the environment, as I had several meetings that day. But it wasn't a problem at all. The space was designed to better accommodate our way of working, including three Creative Studios, three "phonebooth" mini-rooms, a coffee/eating area and a co-working space. All of which are decorated with CI&T’s colors. The kids enjoyed the space, asking to come back on the weekend so that they can play ping-pong on one of the Creative Studios. Yes, the meeting table is a ping-pong table. :-)

With the new office, we expect to connect with the tech community, create events for clients and friends, as well as provide  an excellent workplace for our employees.

The office is on Nassau Street, in the heart of Princeton, NJ. The city is famously known by the prestigious Princeton University and home of Albert Einstein from 1935 until his death in 1955. It is truly amazing to have this great place for the CI&T-ers on the PHI-NJ-NY area.