CI&T Recognized as a Drupal Development Top Contributing Organization



Drupal Creator, Dries Buytaert, has released his detailed report on top Drupal contributors and sponsors.
The report compares year-over-year data to understand who develops Drupal, how diverse the Drupal community is, how much of Drupal's maintenance and innovation is sponsored, and where that sponsorship comes from.
For a fourth consecutive year, CI&T is featured on the list as one of the top 30 contributing organizations. With a variety of different types of companies active in Drupal's ecosystem, CI&T remains the only Systems Integrator in the top 30 claiming the 4th spot.

“We really believe Drupal is one of the best platforms for enterprise and that's why CI&T is heavily engaged in contributing to Drupal projects and its amazing community”

Luis Ribeiro,  Architecture Manager, CI&T

A graph of Drupal contributors highlighting CI&T on 4th position

CI&T also has two members in the top 30 individual contributors! CI&T’s Renato Goncalves de Araújo who has consistently made the top 30 list is once again among the group. We also have our very own Thalles Ferreira who debuts the list of group of individuals who put an incredible amount of time and effort into developing Drupal and its contributed projects.

"We are proud to consistently have our team on this list of top contributors. Renato and Thalles’ achievements prove CI&T’s commitment to the Drupal community."

Luiz Cieslak, VP, Digital Solutions.

Drupal individual contributors, CI&T employees highlighted
“It's also nice to see two new contributors make the top 30 this year — Alona O'neill with sponsorship from Hook 42 and Thalles Ferreira with sponsorship from CI&T. Most of their credits were the result of smaller patches (e.g. removing deprecated code, fixing coding style issues, etc) or in some cases non-product credits rather than new feature development or fixing complex bugs. These types of contributions are valuable and often a stepping stone towards more in-depth contribution.”

Dries Buytaert

Read Dries’ entire post where he says of the top 30 organizations, “If you are a Drupal developer looking for work, these are some of the companies I'd apply to first. If you are an end-user looking for a company to work with, these are some of the companies I'd consider working with first. Not only do they know Drupal well, they also help improve your investment in Drupal.”