A Global Beverage Company:
Bridging Physical and Digital Consumption

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A large consumer packaged goods company, specializing in non-alcoholic beverages wanted to connect the physical consumption journey with a digital experience. The goal of this initiative was to improve their ability to connect with individual customers, track product consumption and increase brand loyalty.


CI&T in partnership with the CPG created a program that used technology and packaging to connect the physical experience with the digital. This program utilizes the scale of a leading global CPG brand’s packaging to create an interactive digital experience for its consumers. A custom design printed on the product which can be scanned on a smartphone, enables a digital experience by leveraging Machine Learning for image recognition. Consumers are then served relevant content based on their consumer profile--geolocation, and product data collected.  The program was able to create a personal connection with customers with highly-targeted content and perks, which then increases brand loyalty and purchase intent while providing the brand with actionable data. 

For the Consumer

Enables immediate gratification for engaging with their favorite products. These digital experiences are delivered through native smartphone capabilities (no app required), which are easy and intuitive to the target audience. Experiences may be customized based on consumer profile and/or the program icon attributes to deliver relevant content and surprise and perks offers. 

For the Customer and Partners

The  program can be activated by customers and partners to create digital experiences within their physical locations in an innovative, seamless way (without apps, beacons, etc.). The program offers marketing solutions for national and regional retailers with the ability to customize the offers/experiences by business objective. 

For the Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Empowers our brands to maximize their most valuable and pervasive asset – product packaging. The program bridges the gap between physical and digital, delivering customized offers/experiences that drive recruitment, incidence, and engagement. The consumer data collected through engagement with the program will support smarter marketing strategies and media investments with minimal cost. 


Provide relevant content spanning from entertaining behind-the-scenes content to surprise & delight perks, to sweepstakes or instant win games. During a summer activation, there were 1.8 million unique instant win plays. 

Provide the CPG with actionable consumer data including: 

• Geolocation 
• Time and date of scan
• Package type and size scanned
• Product and flavor scans