Nestlé uses data and application intelligence to influence the consumer experience

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Data-Led Consumer Intimacy: How Nestle is Growing…Now


With almost 100 years of history and a 99% penetration rate in Brazil, Nestlé has identified an opportunity to take advantage of the full potential of new technologies to serve its customers. In addition, there was an opportunity to consistently keep up with the ever changing behavior of its customers during the buying journey. 

Thus, the company needed to go further and understand their consumers, gaining even more agility to generate and deliver increasingly innovative, surprising and more valuable experiences And with this task, they chose CI&T as their strategic partner. 


Nestlé started its digital transformation journey in late 2018, with CI&T as a partner to improve the brand's consumer experience. In addition to adding new digital products in its portfolio, Nestlé invested in the evolution of the organization's culture and mindset, evolving in the area of ​​data intelligence. Integration, better management and analysis of information has become essential in order to innovate and generate results.

Nestlé’s process considered the following fronts: focus on the same objective, ensuring alignment of all teams so that they were focused on the consumer and / or performance results; operation of disciplined processes, transforming dashboards into assets that generate value and drivers, providing teams with insights to arrive at business solutions; dissemination of information, communicating opportunities, projects and solutions developed, giving visibility, creating greater demand and potential for innovation.

A new look at digital transformation

Nestlé dove into innovation and data intelligence to capture and monitor market changes with a focus on what consumers needed. This area is divided into three pillars:

• Innovation beyond products: experiences, services and business models;

• Digital sales deliver convenience and personalized experiences, through digital sales channels, making life easier for the largest number of people and expanding purchase access to Nestlé products;

• DataLab based on the understanding of consumer journey data, seeks to evolve its experience with the brand and improve operating performance, identifying business levers and predictive actions to optimize execution.

Additionally, a performance room was created that brought together people with multiple skills to discuss and build solutions based on data.


Nestlé has spread the transformation mindset throughout the company, teaching its people about the potential of data, new technologies and multidisciplinary and collaborative operations. With this, it has been reaping relevant results:

Culture and mindset change: multidisciplinary teams understand the consumer and then develop new solutions connecting the value chain;

• At DataLab, data started to be stored in an organized and structured way. The area started to support and take advantage of the use of advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence in several initiatives, supporting Nestlé daily in understanding the behavior, habits, needs and desires of its consumers;

Collective intelligence: Nestlé Brasil teams have become closer to the consumer and more agile, from the process of discovering the solution to validation and launch to the market.

In 11 months of work, 11 new data assets were created - ways to activate the value of information and empower business areas (data driven culture). In addition, another 3 deliveries, which define the foundations for the development of future data works, were recognized by Nestlé.

Datalab has also been working on the design and implementation of chatbot. The initiative, with experience design and embedded data intelligence, brings a pilot using Whatsapp that allows Nestlé to speak directly with the consumer through the Dolce Gusto Brand.

Nestlé will remain firm in its journey of digital transformation in 2020, foreseeing new business models and being even more digital.

"Nestlé has always been an extremely innovative company. Who has never had a can of Cerelac inside their home? It was created in 1867 by Henri Nestlé. And since then, we have had a very strong innovation DNA. 6 years ago, we decided to take a bigger leap, creating an innovation hub and starting to innovate in addition to products. If we won repertoire testing machine learning, chatbot, artificial intelligence, now is the time to accelerate the digital transformation. We can expect new business models to emerge from Nestlé. It will be a fun journey "

Carolina Sevciuc, Director of Digital Transformation at Nestlé Brasil