Raízen: a journey of transformation

The customer at the center of decisions
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"It was a very nice construction, mainly because it was multi-functional, with representatives from different areas of the business, allowing us to hear the pain, including those we didn't have contact with."

Mayra Hutterer, Programming and Delivery Manager at Raízen

Transforming the customer experience

Raízen and CI&T team working on design session

Raízen, one of the most competitive energy companies in the world, came to us with the challenge of being more agile, more digital and wanting to  become a reference of innovation in its segment. 

Using lean tools, we worked side-by-side with the Raizen team to solve the problem of optimizing transportation logistics, which makes their truck drivers’’ lives easier with the CSfácil app.

Speed is the key to digital transformation

• Problem mapping and understanding
• Co-creation
• Prototype
• MVP in production [2 ½ months]
• Analytics resources

Consumer-centric decision making:

Once the problem was found, the first step was to map and understand the user. Among the main pains faced by truck drivers who needed to refuel at the Raízen terminals were:

• Delays
• Order inconsistencies
• Obstacles 
• Time inefficiencies 
• Long waits

Customer focus

Arriving at the terminal, the driver was often surprised that their order was not released due to problems due to lack of credit and overdue documents.

The lack of visibility to issues, such as inconsistencies in the registration or delays and credit holds, compromised the release of supplies, generating long wait times. In addition, these issues  resulted in an excessive number of telephone calls to the Raízen Service Center.

Multi-disciplinary teams co-creating great ideas

Man using CSfacil app

Using  co-creation sessions, we developed a prototype and made it available for field tests. Working in an integrated way, starting from the conception of the idea to the first delivery took just 2.5 months.

The idea was to offer a friendly interface app as a new communication channel with Raízen where customers had a better relationship with the company, and one where truck drivers had more agility and a more seamless experience at terminals. 

With the CSfácil application, even before arriving at one of the 68 supply terminals, truck drivers are able to  consult on order information, pending issues, loading and release status in a simple and intuitive way. This process helps to anticipate and address any blockages—all in the palm of your hand.

The MVP (minimally viable product) was put to use at one of the company's terminals, chosen for the implementation of the first experiment phase and it quickly went viral among drivers.

The data point to paths

Through  analytics,  monitoring and measuring app performance is simple. Armed with this information, the next steps are accurate, which is essential in decision making. Thus, we detected the spontaneous use of the solution in other areas outside the pilot region, which reaffirmed the success of the initiative.

By The Numbers:

• Available in all 68 supply terminals;
• More than 1,400 users, that is, more than a third of the total truck driver base;
• 47% reduction in calls to the Raízen call centers;
• 30% reduction of the waiting time at the terminals.

This case was one of the winners of the Agile Trends 2019 award.