CI&T Acquires Comrade: Together, We Are Thoughtfully Fast



In 1882, Thomas Edison wrote,“The reason why I get along with comparative ease now is because I know from experience the enormous number of things that won’t work.”

Realizing success today, in an unpredictable world, similarly means that companies need to execute a large number of ideas at a much faster pace —with the same resources. To tackle that challenge, there’s no substitute for a combination of Design Thinking and Lean principles.

CI&T acquires Comrade

Having worked with some of the world’s leading companies, we’ve evolved to meet the needs of the marketplace. As part of this ongoing evolution, CI&T is joining forces with Comrade, a strategy and design leader known for its data-led strategy and human-centered design methods.

Our aim is to leverage Comrade’s Design Thinking skills to ideate great customer experiences, and our Lean Digital expertise to bring these ideas to market quickly. And given Comrade’s impressive track record working across financial services, retail, consumer goods and life sciences, we’re especially excited to deepen our existing relationships and also partner with a wider range of clients.

Thoughtfully fast

Do you know how long it takes most enterprise companies to go from concept to digital product? The answer: 400+ days, on average. Why so long? Bear in mind that every potential product must be strategized, designed, estimated, approved, sourced, reviewed by legal and compliance, built and deployed - sometimes with many back and forths slowing things to a snail’s pace.

But what happens if your customers don’t quite like your new product or service? Well, here you go again for another 400+ days cycle to adapt...

If that’s your learning cycle and response time to the changes happening outside the boundaries of your company, I’ve got news for you: It’s only a matter of time before customers start bidding farewell and your bottom line suffers the consequences.

Reducing product development lifecycles

No worries. Our goal is to turn your value stream mapping on its head. Say “goodbye” to agonizing lead times, and “hello” to shorter product development cycles. This accelerates the learning process—transforming product development from 400+ days of drudgery to a process that’s thoughtfully fast.

But we’re not just being fast because “speed to market” is a buzzword. This approach actually helps your business align its innovation strategy around your customers more quickly, thereby strengthening your value proposition.

By joining forces with Comrade, our goal is to help clients launch new digital ideas in less than 90 days. And we’re not just offering a la carte services to throw into your shopping cart - like some of our competitors. We’re integrating our workflow to leverage Comrade’s approach to design and strategy along with CI&T’s deep expertise in technical implementation.

How to succeed

Just like Thomas Edison learned from his past experiences, our acquisition of Comrade represents a natural evolution of our business. We’ve seen what works; and we’re adding expertise to our business that we believe will help us continue delivering the absolute best results.

There’s more…

Over the next few months we will be sharing more details of this acquisition and how we plan to help clients solve the right problems, quickly. Read more details of our announcement here.