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What we do

We inspire transformational change within your organization

CI&T identifies real opportunities and discovers what needs to be done. We believe great solutions come to life with the right digital strategy, along with the ability to prioritize, deliver, and measure the best user experience and technology.

We help companies get a deep understanding of their challenges in order to make real change. CI&T’s multidisciplinary teams provide solutions that are not only actionable, they provide results that are grounded to your business’ reality.

Our offering


Identify high-value opportunities through surfacing key insights. We believe that strategy is achieved through solving complex problems and defining the path to that possibility


Understanding what drives engagement in every moment of the customer journey. We believe that a delightful customer experience is what creates product value


Delivering modern technologies to solve business challenges. We employ rapid delivery models that blend architecture, engineering and data

Our capabilities

Digital Strategy and Roadmap

Digital Transformation

Customer Experience and Design

Digital Products and Platforms

Data, AI, and Machine Learning

Agile Software Development and IT Modernization

Drupal Enterprise Services

E-commerce Integrations

Legacy Optimization & Cloud Migration

Impact 90


Digital Initiative Roadmap + Business Problem + People, Process & Technology Assessment

2 - 8 Weeks

Strategist, Data Scientist, Value-Stream Manager, Solutions Architect, Designer


Agile Delivery + 2 to 4 Weeks Discovery

Every 90 Days

Strategist, Data Scientist, Value-stream Manager, Solutions Architect, Designer, Delivery Squads


12 - 24 months

Mature and high-performing end-to-end digital teams