Aug 14, 2021

NuVasive CIO Details Digital Transformation Project

Information Week

Spinal surgery product and services supply company NuVasive targeted its surgical supply ordering in Japan for a digital transformation project to streamline operations.

Even before the pandemic hit, plenty of enterprise organizations were taking a systematic approach to digital transformation, prioritizing certain projects to streamline and digitize business processes. NuVasive, a provider of all the products needed by spinal surgeons for their surgeries, was one of those companies.

NuVasive provides implants, instrumentation, hardware, biologics, and everything else that specialist surgeons need for spinal surgery, CIO Aviva McPherron told InformationWeek in an interview. While the company does have some of its own manufacturing capabilities, other products are sourced through the company’s supply chain to provide surgeons with a complete package for each surgical case.