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CI&T has partnered with the largest life science companies in the world to help them create amazing experiences for patients and healthcare professionals. From cutting edge digital strategy, user experience and business models to flawless execution, our clients rely on us to solve their challenges cross-channel for the entire journey of patients, practitioners and payors. Our clients and partners include the world's largest pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and medical device manufacturers.

Our work

woman in a lab working on a microscope and marking a test tube

Decentralized Clinical Trials: From Bench to Bedside

Life Science & Healthcare
See our latest insights on the current complex reality of clinical trials and how pharma companies can reimagine clinical trials.
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Scientist woman using digital tablet in hospital

A Problem-Solving Pivot: Why an App Wasn’t the Answer

Business Impact
In 2017, a Brazilian pharmaceutical giant calculated that an effective way to encourage growth in its market share for oral contraceptives would be to create an app that would remind women to take their pills regularly.
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Smiling business colleagues sitting in conference room during office meeting at workplace

Three Lessons To Accelerate Your B2B Commerce Initiative

CI&T recently had the honor of hosting a group of senior executives from global B2B industries, including Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Life Science, Retail, and e-Commerce.
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Woman working on laptop at home

Astellas: Corporate Website Platform

Astellas wanted to create a global website, as well as be able to update and refresh its local sites.
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Kid smiling to the camera

Johnson & Johnson's CaringCrowd

Digital Platform
Johnson & Johnson saw the need to support global public health initiatives, especially in underserved communities around the world.
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Two pharmacists doing inventory in a pharmacy with a digital tablet

Multinational Healthcare Corporation: A sales and education platform for pharmacists

Digital Platform, E-commerce
The medicine distribution market in Europe is diverse, with distinct legal restrictions varying from country to country.
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