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Partnering to engage millions of consumers worldwide,
deliver smart distribution, and optimize ad revenue.
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Our practice

We focus on the experience of how people are consuming media while our delivery teams develop the right technologies to connect them. Working with media and entertainment companies, we develop content distribution systems, aggregate programmatic data sources, develop advanced reporting, and create cutting-edge ad delivery platforms.

Our work

Woman working at night looking at graphs on a computer

An American Mass Media Company: Transforming Data Management

Business Inteligence, Data-Driven
Serve as a central self-service portal and repository for specific analytical data. Allow for retrieval and analysis of data across the organization.
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Base runner sliding into base while fielder catches a ball in baseball game

A Professional Sports League: Improved Experience for all

Customer Experience, Cloud Migration
In early 2019, a business decision was made at an American professional sports league to migrate its content management system (CMS) and e-commerce platform to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
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